Friday, March 16, 2012

Kickstarter Gaming Division

Congrats to Double Fine on an awesome run on Kickerstarter! With 3,336,371 million, we will see one of the greats create an Adventure game: a genre that has almost completely died in a realm of cut-throat developers focusing only on games as a cash-cow.

Now we have the chance to bring back another genre: the top down, turn-based Role Playing Game. Gone from circulation, these gems are probably alien creatures to today's games. I am talking about Wasteland 2. Wasteland was a great game in the classic style of the Ultima series and lead to the inspiration for the Fallout series, which ended up regaining life as a 1st Person, Action RPG. However, all of this came from the roots of party, turn based RPGs.

The folks behind the original Wasteland have taken the lead from Double Fine and are funding on Kickstarter, which seems to be my latest Game Distribution Channel. Being the highest pledge amount on Kickstarter to be reached (over $900,000 in 2 days), this is really the rattling of the swords for those of us not satisfying with the over-sensationalized, shallow games that flood the market today.

For those of you interested, there is still 31 days to go to help an awesome game once again see the light of day!

Now if only publishers will learn that people play and want more than just 1st Person Shooters and MMOs!